Art Innovators Alliance

An alliance of forward-thinking art businesses committed to advancing the art industry through innovation and technology.

01. Mission

To advance the art industry through innovation and technology.

We believe that innovation, data, technology and education will transform the art world by increasing opportunities, access and efficiency. We believe that technology is an indispensable tool for the art market and art world to grow sustainably, supporting artists, the art eco-system and the creative economy.

02. What we do

Programs and talks, events and education, ideas and thought leadership.

Over time the Art Innovators Alliance will present a range of programs and events for stakeholders in the art world. We are creating a network of innovators and thought leaders with whom to share ideas and collaborate. Through these activities we plan to create an environment for positive change in the industry.

03. Members

We are a coalition of forward-thinking art business and individuals.

All members are founder led businesses, created by passionate and experienced art professionals driven by a vision to improve the art world. Technology and innovation are our tools to do this. Many founders are solving problems they have personally experienced in the art world, and deeply understand that the art world needs to innovate and grow in order to meet the challenges all industries are facing today. Fundamental to this is a core belief in the value of artists, art and culture in our society.

Art Innovators Alliance was created in 2018 with 8 founding members: ARTAArticheckArtlogic, Art Frankly, Art Money, TagsmartVastariVerisart.

Our activities are not limited to Alliance members, indeed collaboration with all arts organizations is fostered. Organizations with an innovative approach and tech-enabled product/service who have been in the market for a number of years are welcome to apply for membership.

Blog, September 30, 2019
Does the art world need Transparency?

Upcoming Talk

Does the art world need transparency?

24 September 2019

"Transparency": a hot topic in the art world; a buzzword that inspires excitement from those in favour of more of it, and loud objection from those who feel opacity is core to the inner workings of the industry. However, the conversation around transparency has mostly focused on pricing: should the explicit cost of art sales be made public, or should they not. And yet, "transparency" has a much broader meaning, and can be applicable to many facets of the art industry. This panel will explore the concept of transparency beyond just pricing, with panelists who have contrasting points of view for what is sure to make a lively discussion.

Moderated by Bernadine Brocker Wieder, Vastari Co-founder, this will be a lively and topical debate.

Join us in London on Sept 24 for a panel discussion on this hot art world topic.
Tickets free, limited capacity, bookings essential.


Philip Hoffman, Founder & CEO of The Fine Art Group

Christine Bourron, Founder & CEO Pi‐eX

Ivan Macquisten, Writer, Commentator, Analyst, Collector

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