July 29, 2020

Surviving a Pandemic: AIA Members Seek to Collaborate, Educate, and Support Art Businesses

According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2020, the immediate onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the art world hard, particularly because the industry simply had not yet fully committed to enacting digital strategies to support their businesses. "For most traditional art world operators, the pandemic has exposed an over-dependence on traditional channels (physical art fairs, gallery exhibitions, auctions etc.) An online presence is more likely now than ever before to keep the art world afloat," the report confirmed.

From day one, the Art Innovators has been committed to advancing the art industry through innovation and technology. We believe that technology is an indispensable tool for the art market and art world to grow sustainably, supporting artists, the art eco-system and the creative economy. This has never been more apparent and necessary than it is today. Given that the future of online and digital in the art world is here to stay, we hope to foster a community around these foward-thinking initiatives and how we can sustain the market and set businesses up for success in the future.

Below, we've linked to digital content created by Art Innovators Alliance members throughout the pandemic seeking to educate, share ideas and support one another during these unprecedented times. We will continue to list upcoming webinars, events, and other interesting content on this page as well.


In a 6-part webinar series launched in the early days of the pandemic, "Perspectives: the Logistics of Running a Business During a Global Pandemic", ARTA spoke with a diverse group of leaders across the industry about the immediate impact on their businesses, the expected impact on future operations, and how technology is and will play a role in their new business strategies. You can view recordings of all the webinars on ARTA's blog, or, click below to watch a few of particular interest:



Articheck's ongoing weekly webinar series, "Art Evolve," brings in different perspectives on how to think about old practices in new ways, share advice from innovative pioneers, and inspire evolution in the art industry in a post-COVID world. Summaries and links to watch all past webinars can be found on Articheck's blog, or, click below to watch a few of particular interest:



"Vastari Connects" is a virtual roundtable series bringing together key industry players to discuss current problems and potential solutions in the museum space. The series covers different topics such as revenue generating business models, digital integration and partnership opportunities, all designed specifically to help cultural institutions thrive in a post-Covid world.

You can view recordings of all the webinars on Vastari's YouTube Channel, or, click below to watch a few of particular interest:

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