May 2018

11 Art World Entrepreneurs you should know: Adam Fields, Arta

Sotheby's Institute 2018 list
11 Art World Entrepreneurs you should know: Adam Fields, Arta
#1 Adam Fields

Adam Fields has been active in the arts and cultural space. In January 2010, he became a founding member of what he coins as “Art Tech movement 1.0.” Adam held the role of Vice President at and early art + tech startup which was quickly acquired by Leon Black, Phaidon. Adam, without hesitation, jumped into the Founder/CEO seat and launched Arta. Arta’s unique online platform has evolved from an art world shipping “must have” to an ecosystem of shipping tools for all high-end collectibles. Since 2014, Adam and his team have expanded to London and currently facilitate thousands of shipments for the art and luxury world across 45 countries.


First published in Sotheby's Institute blog May 2018

Identifying Today’s Art World Entrepreneurs

 The criteria I [Roxanna Zarnegar] used to select these 11 individuals and their endeavors are simple and deeply based on five critical pillars inspired by the Bauhaus Movement:

  • Transforming the way people see and define art
  • Providing new opportunities for the creation and innovation of peripheral products and experiences
  • Creating ecosystems, marketplaces, tools, and products that allow for greater access and distribution
  • Shaping the future of the art world
  • Humility, resilience, and curiosity