June 21, 2021

Member Company Spotlight: ARTA

ARTA provides logistics software and fulfillment services for high-value goods and collectibles. We enable merchants, marketplaces and platforms to automate logistics at a global scale. Our mission aligns with the mission of the AIA in that we are trying to become a catalyst for the digital acceleration of the art world. We believe shipping is the biggest point of friction in a transaction and if we can make transactions seamless we can open up digital channels along with enabling anyone to become a buyer or seller.


How did ARTA get its start? How long have you been in operation?

ARTA launched in 2015 as a marketplace connecting sellers of art, design and antiques with specialized logistics providers to streamline the quoting process and management of post-sale logistics. We always had our eye on automating ecommerce sales for merchants, marketplaces and platforms and over the years built up our capabilities across multiple transit modes, commodity types and geographies to ensure we can support sellers like ArtsySotheby’s and David Zwirner who sell a variety of items across the world.


What is your focus for 2021?

 2021 has been an exciting year for ARTA. We released our API and launched our initial marketplace partners. We are continuing to build out our API which allows our clients to launch and scale their ecommerce initiatives quickly and effectively. This includes traditionally brick and mortar sellers who are starting to recognize the importance of online sales and digitizing their operations.


How are you using technology to innovate in the art world?

We’re building technology to allow creators, galleries, auction houses and other sellers to focus on their core competencies rather than needing to build out the logistics networks and technology to scale their operations. Our view of the world is that we want everyone to be able to access the global art ecosystem and we believe our product helps to do that.


Your social media presence includes sharing contemporary artwork in a wide range of media. Who would you say is an artist to watch right now? 

 We crowdsourced this one to our team! Some artists our team is watching right now: Amoako BoafoJeff GibsonHannah Levy, and Dana Lok.